Monday, July 4, 2016

Pizza Love

Pizza Love
Pizza, Please?
I Love All Pizza
Sausage ,Pepperoni, Or Cheese

Pizza Love
Its Forever
In My Heart
It Makes Life Better

Pizza Love
Pizza, Please?
Sausage,Pepperoni, and Cheese.

Inspired by Romanfasci

Hot spring

Steam spilling, white froths licking
Marble mantle pieces, stone white
Opaque ghosts swirling conspicuously,
Silently naught with disturbance and gloat
Humble in nature, the steam spills
From the open pours,
Streaming running water
spring, a delightful swing
slight melodies of sulfuric and mountain
flirting lavishly , emitting heat
an early morning bathe,
bright sunshine invades
sleeping shadows tinted cold
a chilling sensation humming
with that of the pool’s lip
fluttering autumn leaves
cascading crystal flakes
rustling green trees
tickling cool rain
The surface of the spring’s pool remains
It stirs with the slightest breath
Occupying stark bodies
Gleaming baby red
Washing away, cleansing a new day
As sunlight sparkles.

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Is it coffee
or vodka
or you
that’s keeping me awake
at 5 am?
Maybe it’s the mix of all three.

Inspired by making-known

Baby Chamois

hy heart is in the upper world, where fleet the chamois bounds;
Thy heart is where the mountain-fir shakes to the torrent-sounds;
And where the snow-peaks gleam like stars, through the stillness of the air, 
And where the Lauwine's peal is heart - Hunter! thy heart is there!

I know thou lovest me well, dear friend! but better, better far,
Thou lovest that high and haughty life, with rocks and storms at war;
In the green sunny vales with me, thy spirit would but pine, 
And yet I will be thine, my love! and yet I will be thine!

And I will not seek to woo thee down from those thy native heights,
With the sweet song, our land's own song, of pastoral delights;
For thou must live as eagles live, thy path is not as mine,
And yet I will be thine, my love! and yet I will be thine!

And I will leave my blessed home, my father's joyous hearth,
With all the voices meeting there in tenderness and mirth,
With all the kind and laughing eyes that in its firelight shine,
To sit forsaken in thy hut, yet know that thou art mine!

It is my youth, it is my bloom, it is my glad free heart,
That I cast away for thee - for thee, all reckless as thou art!
With tremblings and with vigils lone, I bind myself to dwell,
Yet, yet I would not change that lot, oh no! I love too well!

A mournful thing is love which grows to one so wild as thou,
With that bright restlessness of eye, that tameless fire of brow.
Mournful! - but dearer far I call its mingled fear and pride,
And the trouble of its happiness, than aught on earth beside.

To listen for thy step in vain, to start at every breath,
To watch through long long nights of storm, to sleep and dream of death,
To wake in doubt and loneliness - this doom I know is mine
And yet I will be thine, my love! and yet I will be thine!

That I may greet thee from thine Alps, when thence thou comest at last,
That I may hear thy thrilling voice tell o'er each danger past,
That I may kneel and pray for thee, and win thee aid divine -
For this I will be thine, my love! for this I will be thine! 

Inspired by  Pujarabansri

Red Panda

My bushy tail
It cannot fail
To raise the cuteness factor!
My pretty face
Has whiskers, grace –
A mask just like an actor!
And my red hair
Beyond compare!
The best in furry fashion!
Because I’m fun –
You see me run???
I’m awesomeness in action!
So show some love
For red pandas
We’ll give your smiles traction!
For when you see
Little ole’ me!
Smiles… and laughs… they’ll happen!!!

Inspired by Monnisway

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Wild Boar

A wild boar came into town
because he felt so alone
he rampaged some doors and entered a home
to find some food in the kitchen

I came across the story in a newspaper and it really happened in Bavaria.
Police came and thought it was a thief, but then they found tracks of the boar.
Nobody saw him and that fellow disappered into the forest after he found food in a
restauran's kitchen and in a private home

Inspired by  Thecoalitionmag

Pumpkin eater

Peter, Peter
Pumpkin eater
But i don't devour pumpkins
Those deciving crooks
What do they know about me?
Absolutely nothing
I wouldn't hurt a fly
Unless it hurt me
Tolerant until the temper has been flared out

Inspired by  Thighabetic


We were born 
beating to different drums.
But it was more than that,
you always marched 
to the rhythm
of your own song.
Eventually we stopped 
trying to march 
We both composed 
our own melodies,
unable to distinguish 
the beat of one another’s drum.
Until I can only hear 
my own harmony and 
realize you stopped hitting 
your drum all together. 
I have no gifts to give, 
I can only stand beside you
and beat our old tune 
waiting for you to find your rhythm 
and begin to beat again.

Inspired by  Relaxxandbreathe

My Bubbles

I breathed my soul out
Left it bare
Hoping this time
It might fly high

But with a single prick
You made it pop
Leaving no trace
No pieces for me to glue back together

Inspired by Touchmystockings

Thursday, June 30, 2016

My skateboard

I am up on top
am I going to die today?
Will this hurt more that I think?
Do I have to do this?

That was not hard!
HEY I did it!

help I think its broken
crash, smash, boom
uh my head

did I just do that
That was awesome

does it look bad?
is it broken?
that was very painful
am I going to be okay?

that was so fun
dude you should try that
Okay i’m done
i’m not doing it again

Inspired by Eatsleepshopmakeup