Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Funny Looking Squirrels

When I went to the park today
I heard the birds singing
and the water moving-
ever so softly against the wind.
The squirrels, 
their erratic tails and fur
bounded across trees and 
ate nuts as they stared 
at the funny looking squirrels below them.
The ones with the shorts and the shirts on,
and the ones with the long hair colored so strangely.
Those squirrels didn’t quite look like squirrels at all.
They drove strange boats and paddled in the water,
and a couple of those strange squirrels
seemed to have large furry companions
that definitely didn’t look like squirrels. 
And yet whenever they come near 
they act like they know the squirrels
they take photos and videos
and make memes, funny pictures
and snapchat videos of them.
But they aren’t.
They aren’t squirrels at all.
They’re humans, 
yet some think they are squirrels.

Inspired by Foxfilmdobrasil