Monday, May 30, 2016

Cute Spider

Spiders are not insects

Spiders have eight legs.

Spiders have four pairs of eyes

Spiders hatch from eggs!

Spider webs are stick

Spiders weave them tight

Spiders spin that silky string

Spiders weave webs right!

Spider, Spider

Spider hurrying,

Spider scurrying,

See her silken thread.

Spider hurrying,

Spider scurrying,

See her little web.

Spider Webs

The spider weaves a sticky web

To capture bugs to eat.

What keeps the spider's sticky web

From sticking to her feet?

Spider webs are very tricky

Because not all the strands are sticky.

Unlike the passing hapless fly,

The spider knows which strands are dry.

But if she accidentally stands

Upon one of the sticky strands,

She still would not get stuck, you see--

Her oily body slides off free.

Inspired by Touch my stockings