Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Baby Killer Whale

Come my friends give an ear to this tale

It's all about the ocean and the big black whales

They are humongous, and hardly seen

Unless you are submerged in a submarine

Their home is the ocean,

They swim to the depths

And can easily escape the fishermen nets

In books you must have read their tales,

They are sea monsters called Killer Whales

They use echolocation to communicate and hunt

At times when the come up, you can watch their stunts

They are black with a few spots of white

And swim the ocean at the speed of light

The feast on marine mammals, fish and seals

That makes for them a wonderful meal

Each whale weights six tons or more

And are mostly found on the ocean floor

The enjoy the ocean without any fear

The King of the seas, thrust up like a spear. 

Inspired by Ifnt0408