Saturday, June 4, 2016

Golden Goose Gal

Once upon a time

their lived a 

Golden Goose Gal

Whom sadly was so 

broken hearted,

Unable to spread 

her magical wings,

her soul gave up 



As this Golden Goose Gal

steadily laid her eggs, 

so worthy in their weight,

She pondered her existence, 

wondering if she would ever be 

freed, uncaged; 

her inner beauty 

others might finally appreciate.

This sad and lonely 

Golden Goose Gal had a heart 

as golden as the eggs she laid,

But it would be to everybody's loss, 

as they would realise this to late;

Their dollars they counted, 

their common sense was delayed!

She continued to lay her 

golden eggs for the greedy,

Misers, selfishly bred,

helping themselves 

but never the needy.

The Golden Goose Gal

with her heart of gold,

Sat and watched 

as her golden eggs 

were sold.

She never complained,

she knew that their day 

would come, 

As every dog

has his day ~

their day would definitely

be more punishable than some!

Inspired by Vaivaisenvirret