Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Love birds

My love, we are like two love birds, flying, searching for our dreams 
My love, I can't fly alone because I will fall and I want to keep flying forever 
My love, we are flying over mountains over streams 
The sky is for you and me, we own this paradise together  
Yes it's ours, and I'm all yours, I want to say that with a scream 

I wish that I'm a feather in your body; to be close to you is my dream 
I'm the prisoner of your eyes, you are the light for my nights 
Taking a rest on our olive tree, on our branch, the soft wind playing with our feather 
Time to go and keep searching my love, let's find the happiness, in the heights  
I promise, you will be my only lover, forever. 

Inspired by Bruceobservationtower