Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Small motor

The easiest sadness is a boy 
Watching another boy 
Walk with a barefooted girl, clean 

Perfect feet, that kind of nose, 
Eyes like those he’s dreamed 
In the dream that comes back. 

A boy watching another boy lucky 
Gets an ache 
That is a small motor. 

In me there is an animal, 
And in that animal 
There is a hunger. 

I remember the boy 
Watching a boy. 
It was me. 

Watching, I was a little bit 
The boy walking. 
I was both of us. 

That’s how it felt. 
What I could not have, 
That’s what I was 

Inside, an ache 
Coming as I stood 
Too many places. 

Inspired by Joshysteachertales