Sunday, June 12, 2016


The unceasing roar
Surf and coral,
hitting the shore

This underwater show
This blaze of colour,
roar of surf.... so

Coral reef home,
so many fish,
blue sea foam,
this is my wish............

This living  breathing reef,
surrounded by sea so blue
Living breathing jewel,
you want to be it too

Crashing of sea,
exploding white foam
I want this to be my home
Mighty blue sea
This reef........
exploding foam

Rush of water,
through the coral
Small fish dart
Multicoloured streaks,
natures' freaks

This roar of colour,
sealed in blue
Deep down,
Neptunes' crown

This surf of white,
hitting golden sand
Sun,so bright
This colour ,you understand
Sealed in blue,
rich too..........

Rhythmic roar
The colour you saw
Living breathing reef,
underwater leaf

This moving swell,
coral reef does dwell
Sealed in sea of blue,
underwater paradise
Dive with me too

This brief escape,
weightless in coral sea
This magnificent waterscape,
brilliant green  underwater leaf
that is part of...............
The reef

Electric blue fish dart about
other creatures,
their colour does shout
Ceasless flow,
upon this reef
Coral sea,
let us go below
for, we love it so

Pink and green,
purple and red
the brightest you have ever seen
blue and yellow
where have you been?

This reef encircles me,
crown of coral
Sealed by blue sea
Here lies the moral,
Neptunes' son...... you see
natures' son doesn't quarrel

Inspired by Hayleymeshell