Monday, May 16, 2016

The Gecko

The Gecko lying on his stone 
Is always very much alone, 
Nor is the reason hard to trace 
By those who've seen its form and face 
It's hard to realise a mite 
Can be so venomous a sight, 
Or in its little frame compress 
Such concentrated ugliness. 
Now wonder other creatures fly 
Each time a Gecko ambles by. 
No wonder that its chosen mate 
Recoils from the connubial state. 
Yet underneath its skin, we're told, 
There beats a heart of purest gold. 
Its children do not know neglect; 
It treats its mother with respect. 
It never, ever beats its wife, 
And lives a most unblemished life. 
Its aspect is its sole defence 
Against the world's malevolence. 
So when you see a Gecko stay 
Uncharitable thoughts and say:- 
"The gruesome are not always gross- 
even a reptile bears its cross!"

Inspired by Satyri