Thursday, June 30, 2016

My skateboard

I am up on top
am I going to die today?
Will this hurt more that I think?
Do I have to do this?

That was not hard!
HEY I did it!

help I think its broken
crash, smash, boom
uh my head

did I just do that
That was awesome

does it look bad?
is it broken?
that was very painful
am I going to be okay?

that was so fun
dude you should try that
Okay i’m done
i’m not doing it again

Inspired by Eatsleepshopmakeup

Cute Flies

  if time were flies
we wouldn't waste our time
on slapping them away
we'd grasp them,
and try to
catch them.
If only time were flies.

Inspired by Thepandoraeffect

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wild strawberries

Wild strawberries
Tediously small,
Hiding among the tall pink flowers
And shy butterflies,
Wink and flash sweet 'eat me' red
Under dappled flower shadows,
They burst on your tongue
Tasting like sunshine and honey lemon
Washing like a cool blue lake
In muggy air,
Leaving childish joy
And baby smiles
Then the memory of sweetness to linger,
Until you paw through the hot leaves
And tall pink flowers
And find another, tediously small,
And hold it in your eager fingers
Soft, and brighter than rubies
With juice fresh and sweet
Running down your chin and your
Scarlet fingers

Inspired by Tecnomantes

Love birds

My love, we are like two love birds, flying, searching for our dreams 
My love, I can't fly alone because I will fall and I want to keep flying forever 
My love, we are flying over mountains over streams 
The sky is for you and me, we own this paradise together  
Yes it's ours, and I'm all yours, I want to say that with a scream 

I wish that I'm a feather in your body; to be close to you is my dream 
I'm the prisoner of your eyes, you are the light for my nights 
Taking a rest on our olive tree, on our branch, the soft wind playing with our feather 
Time to go and keep searching my love, let's find the happiness, in the heights  
I promise, you will be my only lover, forever. 

Inspired by Bruceobservationtower

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cute Pikachu Car

A car is a car

If it can ride you nearby or far

When it gets you in time to the bar

When you are addressed as Madam or Sir

But for some

A car is not just a car

It is a home

After a daylight roam

You see, to me

A car is just a car

Be it in a new silver shining coat

Or one decorated with rusted scars

And then there is a simple reality

The most important is Passenger capacity

Whether be it a personalised 8 seater stretch limousine

Or a 2 seater Ferrari with an exploding engine

A car is a car

A vehicle of motion

A medium of transportation

Even when it shows signs of erosion

As long as it can move from junction to junction

It can be used, even its every function

A car is just a car

Inspired by Theancientlores


Small motor

The easiest sadness is a boy 
Watching another boy 
Walk with a barefooted girl, clean 

Perfect feet, that kind of nose, 
Eyes like those he’s dreamed 
In the dream that comes back. 

A boy watching another boy lucky 
Gets an ache 
That is a small motor. 

In me there is an animal, 
And in that animal 
There is a hunger. 

I remember the boy 
Watching a boy. 
It was me. 

Watching, I was a little bit 
The boy walking. 
I was both of us. 

That’s how it felt. 
What I could not have, 
That’s what I was 

Inside, an ache 
Coming as I stood 
Too many places. 

Inspired by Joshysteachertales

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Knight

Oh dear brave knight,
Who ventures into the wilds
Please draw your sword
And fight away the horde.

She's a hero into my heart
With the strenght to tear us apart
Come here and fight away
The monsters that are wide awake
And then eat this piece of cake.

She's always into a fight
Because she is my brave knight
Come here and claim your prize
Because this is the tale of the knight.

Inspired by Vinoaspirina

The castle

There are traitors in the castle
Hypocrites and liars
Spreading rumors, keeping secrets
Lighting silent fires
Pacing in the bedrooms
Quiet in the halls
Sneaking after midnight
Conspiring behind walls
Pretending to be royalty
Called themselves "king and queen"
Throwing out words like garbage
Not saying what they mean
Not taking time to think
Just playing a silly game
Betraying flesh and blood
not feeling any shame
Full of carelessness and greediness
But acting so sincere
Watching with fake smiles and laughter
Ignoring every tear
Throwing "traitors" in the dungeon
While deceiving on the thrown
Punishing those "committing crimes"
Not looking at their own
There were traitors in the castle
Hypocrites and liars
Bargaining with enemies
Igniting silent fires
Now there is no castle
No whispers in the halls
Nothing hiding behind doors
All that's standing are the walls

Inspired by Clocksteam

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cute Sleep

Sleep with no tomorrow Sleep with no desires Sleep your only passion Sleep with your last breathe Sleep as the darkness hums your name

Inspired by Theflavortrain

Sweet carrot

Carrot, oh carrot, where have you gone?
Why have you broken our special bond?
Is it something I said?
Is it 'cause I bit off your head?
I didn't mean to make you mad
Not seeing you makes me so sad
Come back my sweet carrot

Inspired by Moonlitknits

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Snow Reindeer

i love to watch the reindeer  playing in the snow
antlers seem to glisten there eyes they seem to glow
with there heads held high having lots of fun
rubbing heads together in the winter sun
a beast with so much beauty running in the wild
i just love to watch this mother natures child

Inspired by vaivaisenvirret

Airplane knows

An airplane knows 
With roaring confidence 
How to hold us in his heart
And raise us up high above

An airplane knows
With daring assurance  
When to take off and not stop
until our destinations reached 

Because of all that
Mentioned or not 
I put my trust in him
And keep my dreams flying

Inspired by Pubertykisses

Friday, June 24, 2016

Baby Tamaraw

Shaunting Smiles bake my Friends by Apparel
Of the Tamaraw's Land our Mangyans breed
This Souvenir our Healing Joy foretell
Enhance our Local and Daring Steed
Five Coloured Yarns ensure my Mates' demand
And Live their Lives by Economy feign
At night these Goddesses charm the Man's hand
And involved their Theatres and Drama reign
That the Shores of Calapan beg our Arrive
After enduring these Raging Trek's Waves
Their Sound we Ferry our Courage contrive
Though broke the Old Man's Heart a-long with his Knaves.
A Good Time-Off still as Prayers Bless his Soul
Whilst my own Good Mind completed my Whole.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cute baby mermaid

I used to want
To be a mermaid
To live underwater
Away from the noise
From the pain
From the sorrow
The guilt
The darkness

And now that I am drowning
In all of these things
I am once again 
Dreaming of being
A mermaid

Inspired by Oaktreefarmcare

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cardinal cute bird

A day and then a week passed by:
  The redbird hanging from the sill
Sang not; and all were wondering why
It was so still—
When one bright morning, loud and clear,
Its whistle smote my drowsy ear,
Ten times repeated, till the sound
Filled every echoing niche around;
And all things earliest loved by me,—
The bird, the brook, the flower, the tree,—
Came back again, as thus I heard
    The cardinal bird.

When maple orchards towered aloft,
  And spicewood bushes spread below,
Where skies were blue, and winds were soft,
I could but go—
For, opening through a wildering haze,
Appeared my restless childhood's days;
And truant feet and loitering mood
Soon found me in the same old wood
(Illusion's hour but seldom brings
So much the very form of things)
Where first I sought, and saw, and heard
    The cardinal bird.

Then came green meadows, broad and bright,
  Where dandelions, with wealth untold,
Gleamed on the young and eager sight
Like stars of gold;
And on the very meadow's edge,
Beneath the ragged blackberry hedge,
Mid mosses golden, gray and green,
The fresh young buttercups were seen,
And small spring-beauties, sent to be
The heralds of anemone:
All just as when I earliest heard
    The cardinal bird.

Upon the gray old forest's rim
  I snuffed the crab-tree's sweet perfume;
And farther, where the light was dim,
I saw the bloom
Of May-apples, beneath the tent
Of umbrel leaves above them bent;
Where oft was shifting light and shade
The blue-eyed ivy wildly strayed;
And Solomon's-seal, in graceful play,
Swung where the straggling sunlight lay:
The same as when I earliest heard
    The cardinal bird.

And on the slope, above the rill
  That wound among the sugar-trees,
I heard them at their labors still,
The murmuring bees:
Bold foragers! that come and go
Without permit of friend or foe;
In the tall tulip-trees o'erhead
On pollen greedily they fed,
And from low purple phlox, that grew
About my feet, sipped honey-dew:—
How like the scenes when first I heard
    The cardinal bird.

How like!—and yet . . . The spell grows weak:—
  Ah, but I miss the sunny brow—
The sparkling eye—the ruddy cheek!
Where, where are now
The three who then beside me stood
Like sunbeams in the dusky wood?
Alas, I am alone! Since then,
They've trod the weary ways of men:
One on the eve of manhood died;
Two in its flush of power and pride.
Their graves are green, where first we heard
    The cardinal bird.

The redbird, from the window hung,
  Not long my fancies thus beguiled:
Again in maple-groves it sung
Its wood-notes wild;
For, rousing with a tearful eye,
I gave it to the trees and sky!
I missed so much those brothers three,
Who walked youth's flowery ways with me,
I could not, dared not but believe
It too had brothers, that would grieve
Till in old haunts again 't was heard,—
The cardinal bird.

Inspired by Orchidaaorchid

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Praying mantis

From whence arrived the praying mantis?
From outer space, or lost Atlantis?
glimpse the grin, green metal mug
at masks the pseudo-saintly bug,
Orthopterous, also carnivorous,
And faintly whisper, Lord deliver us.

Inspired by Lukymaofficiel


I see a firefly
He brightens up my night
I find him trying
To be so much more

Yet little does that guy know
He's doing so much more
that brightens up your night,
Sometimes your life.

Inspired by Girlsincyberspace

Baby Lemur

Jumping, bouncing and swinging from tree to tree
In a sparse forest just outside a village on the outskirts of Antananarivo
They adapt to the changes flung at them and strive to survive

On the ground a troop leaps sideways side by side in a straight line
What a comical spectacle
However solemn their purpose, they must find a home
The little one abaft of the line 
Takes one last glimpse at the home he leaves behind
Oh it’s up in flames now and bulldozers knock down his trees
Beyond, just yonder
Over a hill further down south, the prospect is in sight
A new forest with new opportunities 
It’s denser; it hasn't caught the eye of encroaching villagers
They forge on towards it in that spectacular procession

High up in the trees they mark their territory
Males call out to females and they howl in response
The young ones frolic in the underbrush
They mate, they eat, they thrive

Another forced migration
There they go again in that sideways march 
More deforestation for infrastructure
There must be leeway for civilization one way or the other
One must wonder now
What future lies in store for these that have no place in government?
Their trails fade away from the Malagasy ecosystem
Their lives hang in a balance at the brink of extinction
Will our grandchildren ever get to appreciate 
The extraordinary feats of agility they display
The gymnastics they perform from day to day
On the trees and on the ground in the jungle everyday
Ostentations of dramatic optical presentations
In their furry coats of monochromatic patterns
Perhaps they will disappear and my son’s sons may only get to
Read about them in the has been list of the annals of history
At this rate since erecting urban jungles
Of tar roads and skyscrapers is the order of the day
They might even be able to catch an obscure image of the lemur
In the form of a costumed trapezist mimicking one 
Or a twisting contortionist in The Cirque Du Soleil

Inspired by Paraircerrando

Wonderful Pelican

Slurps on
What its
Belly can
Put stay
Whole day
In the sun
On the run
Just wish
Big fish
One stuff
Big enough
It can pick
With its beak
That can hold
Bigger than
Its belly can
Wonderful Pelican

Inspired by Katroberts

Monday, June 20, 2016

Baby Gaur

The Gaur is a wild ox. It is the largest of the wild cattle.
Attempts to domesticate it have never been successful.
The body is dark brown and the legs are white up to the knees.
In India and Burma, the home of the Gaur, the natives say it can pick up stones in its nose and blow them out at hunters as straight as bullets. This is only a story. The Gaur is really a very shy animal.

The Beetles

When I think of happiness
I think of a vintage VW beetle.
Not to drive
but put somewhere I can see
and feel good about at times.
Yet, I was happy once
And I thought it was heaven
I was on the side where the grass was greener.
It was greener indeed.

Inspired by  Stephaniejblake