Friday, June 10, 2016

Delicious Donut

I contemplate 
I buy it on aromatic instinct 
The fight emerges 
Don't eat it! 
You're not even hungry!
I sit in my head 
While the words debate 
The palate ultimately wins 
My hands follow orders
The sweet melting chew 
Savory icing
Made for my mouth
I close my eyes
Taste buds dance
Pure enjoyment
A moment has escaped me 
In my candy land 
Until it's gone 
A guilty pleasure 
Plagued stomach 
Churning to 
Disappointed intestines 
An alien
They don't quite understand 
As it has no nutrients or vitamins to absorb
Sending the lipids and sugars 
Away to live as fat
Surrounding areas I dislike most
I look in the mirror 
And I imagine where that regretful donut went.

Inspired by Deluche