Friday, June 10, 2016


Hi rex! High again,
dweller of the high upon crags,
rock hyrax,
the modest relative of elephants
has cries that sound like loons.

Aye cap! With an eye cap.
I'm talking to you again
since there are few others around
who'd see through my thick skull
and its complicated covers,
black hoods with gold ornaments,
silver cloaks with horned laments.

Ave princeps! Since we had
so many scores to settle,
long before we've even had
our very first quarrel or fist in face,
any fame, or a flame out of place;
if I was at naming you names,
I'd point at my descent
from the flaming Flemings.

So let me help you
remove the cloaks and helmets,
yours or mine, whichever way you like.
If you want an answer,
just ask me sullen and straight,
or ask brisk and gay if you prefer,
so I know what the question was,
since answers you'll surely get,
whether candid or bent,
if only they're known to me.

Here's another:
if you want something
you can tell me straight,
or tell twisted if it pleases you.
Believe me
I like your arrogance,
by daring hops you crossed
the risky grounds long ago,
facing little or no resistance on way.
Clearly courage
isn't a thing you'd lack.

If you say:
'I want to be the best,'
nodding sort of, that's fine,
stating a goal, however
not yet stating a fact.
To reach the top what it takes
is to dare to look me straight
in eyes, and tell me:
'I am the best,
nothing short of.'
If I don't find words to protest
in say five seconds,
then you know.

O newest phenomenon
in the loveline of my life,
will you still believe me
if the big bad wolves
took me back alive,
pumped me full of psychotropes
and made me deny
you ever existed?
Will you still know deep inside
that I was all yours forever
even if I'm recovered never?

When I was still but a wolf cub,
I smashed beautiful things
in the china shop.
A thing or two I learned.
Have none or thousand lovers,
I'd be fine if you are;
one of the few positive notes
on my present precondition is that
jealousy, to the extent it exists,
deals mainly with minds
not the vessels housing them.

Inspired by Impact-berlin